I design digital service experience.

I work to create digital innovation through design. I see my work as matchmaking between the potential of technology to meanings for people. My past projects span across many industries such as telecommunications, hospitality, finance, public services and others, and currently, I am working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to apply my learnings in the past to cancer care. Can digital technology create a meaningful impact in cancer care as it did for many aspects of our lives?

Work samples available upon request.

What I Do


Leading Design Projects

From planning design activities to delivering, I lead the entire process of design projects with analytical and intuitive thinking, and make sure design is supporting the business while providing meaningfulness to end users.

Sharpening Design Tools

As technology and design industries evolve quickly, designers in tech need to tune up our toolboxes frequently. I modify existing design tools or develop new methodologies for the design team to explore based on the project needs.

Engaging Stakeholders

Workshops and design exercises provide opportunities for a team to see things with fresh, and yet relevant perspectives. I deploy visual stimulus and discussion guidances to help the team move into one direction together.


Team Building

Building a product or keeping the company moving is an collaborative effort by a team, a group of individuals who are gathered for a reason! I seek for opportunities for my team to have a good time working together and grow together.

Designing Service Strategy & Experience

Design is beyond the look, it serves to create experience in which larger context needs to be considered. I design digital products and service experiences based on what I learn through design research.

Visualizing invisibles

Drawing is such a great tool to tell a story. It speaks to emotional sense, and is effective, ubiquitous and inexpensive. I draw to visualize ideas, concepts and contexts in various design processes.